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Choosing a career is an important step in any person’s life. Looking for a job is always a struggle, especially when you are looking for something more than a job to pay your bills. Finding a job that is truly right for you is great luck. The work that you do can define you in many ways, as you dedicate most of your days to it. When you are starting a career, you should remember it will also affect your future. And if everything goes right, it can lead you to true success.

A career with Colorado Springs Car Transport

At Colorado Springs Car Transport we often expand and look for new members of our team. If you are interested in working in the auto transport industry, take a look at our potential openings. If we are hiring and see that you are the right candidate, we hire on the spot.

Agent (Shipping Coordinator)

Our agents should have at least two years of experience in customer service in order to be able to help our clients in the best manner. They also have to be good at multi-tasking, as this work includes handling phone calls on several lines.


Our dispatchers should know the US map with routes, highways, and safe bridges, as well as makes and models of vehicles.


If you would like to be one of our drivers, you need to have a clean driving record and at least 2 years of experience. You will also need to pass drug tests and a physical exam so we can see you can deal with heavy loading and unloading.

Owner Operator

If you are looking for an owner operator job, your truck needs to pass Level 4 DOT inspections and our company’s inspection before you can start working with Colorado Springs Car Transport.